K Sport Kontrol Pro Coilovers 2003 2008 350z Z33 672353 Spring Rates

I’m on a budget but I want some that will work correctly for my application. Im currently looking at Street Edge adjustable coilovers for Bmw but it dont come with rear springs.

Been researching coilover appears to be best option for by drop. Should I go with the coilovers? I don’t want to lower much at all. Also K Sport Kontrol Pro Coilovers 2003 2008 350z Z33 672353 Spring Rates have 1 inch rims tyres. Dfsdf Toyota Camry 0 rims facepalm This is a car for gramma to drive to the walmart. Just put 01 mustang wheels w 0 profile tires.

I’d like the car to handle drive better improve centre of gravity comfort and cosmetically improve appearance by lowering approx or thereabouts Thoughts? Raily Hi guys I have a opel vauxhall corsa D 01 1. I do not want to buy cheap and not very expensive. I plan to import the car when i move back to the states and would like to try out rallycross in the future and maybe hit up a few tracks here and there. I want to be able to adjust them from inside the car with a switch. Any suggestions? Have been recommended BC coilovers but I’m blindfolded when it comes to this. Does this eliminate the existence of stock spring? Related Posts Coilovers have been getting better and better over the years. Half of the manufacturers show their spring rates as kg mm while others show them as We often get a lot of questions on Fortune Auto Coilovers but one especially stands out. Harvey Brownlow Hello I have 01 GMC Terrain would like to have it lowered. 1 TT Tiptronic. I just moved to a town with bumpy dirt roads and im only seeing street racing.

And i noticed it said that going with the lowering springs wouldn’t really be a good choice because they are non adjustable. I have a 00 Lincoln Town Car that is going to be my sleeper cruiser after I’m done with it.

Do you have any recommendations for what suspension coilovers I should use for that price below 00 00? However I know from experience with lifted trucks this will not give him the best ride quality and drivability.

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